Are Extensions like Better Privacy, Abine, Do Not Track


Are Extensions like Better Privacy, Abine, Do Not Track needed if we use Comodo?



Are Extensions like Better Privacy, Abine, Do Not Track needed if we use Comodo?
Are you talking about Comodo dragon?

Do Not Track is the new trend on the browsers, so that would apply to Dragon.

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I just read what “Do Not Track” is, and im all for such a option.

Yes, Comodo Dragon. Better Privacy and Abine are extensions that supposely block flash/super cookies and other data seeking and tracking cookies. I am asking if Dragon blocks these super cookies? …and therefore, there would be no need to include, say Abine extension?

On the …Do Not Track option …is that already included in Dragon v8 or will it be added in v9?



The beta for v9 is already out, but I don’t believe it is included in either version.

If you use AdBlock Plus with the EasyPrivacy filter, it will send out Do Not Track headers.

I’ve never heard of anything that blocks flash cookies. i know the last time i checked, Better Privacy deletes flash cookies on browser exit which is effective but still not blocking. does better privacy or anything else out there actually allow you to run flash but block flash cookies?

Better Privacy has the option to delete Flash cookies by a timer, everything from one second up. It can also be set to notify you when a new flash cookie is set.

Also, when considering ‘Do not track’ options:

Ping tracking
Web Bugs
Dom Storage

Most of which can be easily dealt with, either within the browser settings, or via an extension, at least in firefox.

is there anything out there that can prevent flash cookies and other things like that from ever getting on your computer in the first place

I’m not aware of anything that’s available currently :frowning: As fas as I remember, the flash control panel only works on a per-site basis, unless it’s changed recently? My only other thought, would be to write protect the folders used by flash storage. I haven’t tried it…

Edit: I just tried changing the security on the macromedia folder and it appears to work. However, you will have to remove all inherited permissions and set the security explicitly.

I think I read somewhere that this isn’t a good idea. I think either it creates a new folder, or flash just doesn’t work if it tries to set data and can’t. I could be getting it confused with something else though… :-\

It will create a new macromedia folder if the permissions are not set correctly. When I was playing with it yesterday, the first thing I did was simply change the permissions on the folder. As soon as I went to Youtube another was created. I then removed the inherited permissions, as well as restricting access. No new folders were created and Youtube still worked.

Granted, this was a limited test, but I’ve left the configuration in place and I’ll see what happens over the next day or so.

One issue this will likely cause is not being able to save settings made through the Flash control panel, as that, as far as I know, requires the base cookie to be stored. Personally I never had a need to access that…

The latest version of flash now has options to control local storage. The new options can be found in the Windows control panel.

Flash Player 10.3 beta
Flash Player Native Control Panel

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