Are email attachments being checked ?

I have just started using Comodo AV because the upgrade of AVG-8 to AVG-9 wouldn’t install properly -
it kept saying the email scanning engine was not running. I began to wonder if the error message was wrong. This poses the question “how do you know if email is being scanned?”

So I gave up on AVG in disgust and downloaded Comodo (38 MB). After the restart and before half my services and apps had started, Comodo recommended doing a special scan, so obviously I said “yes”. But the thing just went on scanning for ever, and the virus database hadn’t been updated, and I hadn’t had the chance to fiddle with any settings. [Score -1]

So I killed the scan, and did a virus database update (106 MB !!! with no indication of how much data was going to be transferred ) [Score -3]

And FINALLY I get to the point where I can check to see if email is being scanned - and there doesn’t seem to be any mention of it anywhere !!! [Score -1]

I tweaked the settings and then I did a full scan and it found 29 errors that AVG-8 had missed. [Score +1]
The automatic quarantining setting didn’t seem to have worked. [Score -1]

  1. Comodo have really got to do something about the order of that first special scan and the first update.
  2. Comodo have really got to improve the indications of what a virus database update is going to do - a 106 MB “automatic” download is just not on.

Comodo don’t scan email attachments but when you download the file to your pc and you execute him the file will be scanned by comodo. The db size will decrease actually he is now decreasing, generic definitions are now been made, and in new CIS v4 there will be a new db format.
Just lets wait.

The automatic updater just downloaded ANOTHER 100 Mb without saying how much data it was going to download = that’s nearly 250 MB in 5 days.

This is totally unacceptable and totally unnecessary.

I shall be looking for another antivirus and Comodo gets a ZERO score.

There was just an update which changed the format of bases.cav, so it needed to download the entire database again.