Are comodo devs listening?

I see on whishlist sub-forum a lot of very good requests and suggestions but I don’t see any feedback from comodo.

I belive that some are not that good or can’t be accepted, but there are some very very very good suggestions.

Is comodo listening? How do we know if some feature is rejected/accepted or work in progress?
I don’t see any Comodo staff/devs feedback

( - example is votebox from dropbox -)

It looks like most wishlist topics got barely any reply from members as well. :-\

Even counting each different reply as if it was made by a different and unique member (whereas is possible for each member to post more than one reply) the utmost majority of those wishes got no more than 10 replies ( wishlist topics listed by number of replies). Even relating such data with the over-200 online readers average per day alone would make such low number of replies blatantly striking.

No doubt the above (not poll sorted) aggregate data might fail to quantify wishlist topics which do have a poll (whereas many members often do not add a poll to their wishes, myself included of course). :-\

I never thought this child-board was meant as a list of demands but rather a list of wishes. :frowning:

Surely it looks easier to demand Comodo to to provide feeback instead of promoting a wish and get preliminary support of a relevant portion of these forums members.

:-La But the latter might rather provide Comodo some more ground to acknowledge a wish whereas legitimate, technically feasible and reasonably compatibe with CIS overall design:

From that point onward it might be a matter of time and resources but these are not something members’ expectations or wishes can possibly change whereas it has not been the first time nonconstructive criticism raised so much controversy even in case of unplanned delays or when the changes did not fully meet members’ wishes or expectations (eg GUI revamp). :o

I partially agree with everything you said.

It’s true that there is a low number of replys and maybe a hight rate of stupid wishes. But time to time that I visit this forums I see some pretty dang good ideas and absolute no implementation or feedback from the devs.

I mean. If there are not that many of topics and some great ones like, for example,CIS4 - A Classic Vision Overhaul that are extremely well explained. I do also remember to see a lot of requests to icon change to another color or some kind of alert when some defense is disabled, for example.

I do also remember to see posts with high acceptance rate and unaccepted/not implemented to CIS.

Therefore, a small feedback from developers team would be much appreciated. An “Ok - we will implement”, “we will think about it”, “rejected” would be more thank enough to know that I’m/We’re not writing or postings ideas for no one.

What I’ve been trying to convey so far,

and by no means introducing such considerations,

is that members as a whole can cooperatively contribute to everybody’s benefit providing feedback in a relevant, constructive, and quantifiable way rather than taking a different approach and demanding Comodo to reallocate their resources only to provide wish-related “feedback”.

It might appear reasonable but devs taking their time to post feedback won’t get anything implemented (let alone wishes) whereas on the other hand if members take the effort to constructively promote their (or somebody else) wishes it would be no small thing to everybody’s benefit.

This could actually create a chance to gather quantitatively relevant member support and provide an easy way for Comodo to identify reasonably relevant wish candidates to eventually pour their resources into.

Besides I guess there obviously are way more members to post wishes than devs entitled to pre-emptively select them posting the likes of “Ok - we will implement” before such wish gather a significant support form members themselves.

Among the much abysmally greater number of wishes that were neglected by the vast majority of these forum members, “CIS4 - A Classic Vision Overhaul” is notable for the OP commitment and approach…

…whereas such contribution is still in “work in progress” phase and by no means reached its completion.

It should be also noted that the OP intention was also to gather other members feedback and yet no more than a dozen of different members provided their feedback insofar (please count them).

I hope you’ll consider to add yours as well.

I though that linking actual wishlist board sorted by number of replies in my previous post would have clarified such aspect in a reasonably verifiable way.
This is no simple matter whereas a four days a poll gathered the feedback of 70 members.

Seventy is obviously a low figure compared to the average number of 240 online readers (whereas total members count is obviously way higher) whenever it provides a quantitative and verifiable information about members’ acceptance.

Even with higher acceptance it would be putting the cart before the horse to focus on member’s acceptance alone whereas legitimacy, feasibility and design-compatibility would be similarly relevant and obvious limiting factors and an easy guess in addition to time/resources related considerations (though I made mention of this already)

Any thread of that type loses it’s own usefulness in the shuffle.