Are any free Comodo products available for Linux?

See Subject.

Currently no final version of Comodo desktop products are available for Linux, however products such as Zero Touch Linux (which is free) are available for Linux. However this software is for businesses now the home desktop.

Comodo TrustConnect is available for Linux, OS X, and Windows. If you’re interested I would suggest going to take a look at the Comodo TrustConnect forum.

Actually there’s a whole Linux distro with some kind of affiliation with Comodo:

Yes however it’s for a business envronment, so it really isn’t useful for the average home user :-\

Okay thanks.

Is there any plan to release other stuff on linux?

Last that I had heard, no there was not any plan to release desktop security products for Linux. However this is a question Melih should answer.

Not in the short term I am afraid…