Are alg.exe and ICS necessary for using Comodo Firewall? [RESOLVED]

Sorry, if this question has been already addressed elsewhere.
I have read many of the tutorials and FAQs. I have done some searches using “Application Layer Gateway” and “Internet Connection Sharing”, but I either get nothing or too much which does not answer my question.

I am using Comodo version 3. I use XP pro. My PC is a standalone with a dial-up modem. It has never been part of a local or private network and probably never will be.
If I disable both alg.exe and ICS in XP services will Comodo Firewall still function properly and effectively?
Also, for my PC setup is there any reason not to disable those services as far as security is concerned?
thanks for any assistance. :slight_smile:

Yes, You can safely disable both of them.


Thanks. (:AGL)

No problem.

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