Apps to add to BOClean exclusion list?

I saw somewhere that it’s probably a good idea to add CFP v3 and NOD32 v3 and to add BOClean to NOD’s.

Any others?

I’ve not experienced any problems with CPF v3 and BOClean, can you link me to where someone has?

hi (:WAV) ,
i have CFP vs BOClean issue, but i think it’s not a big deal.
every time i turn on my comp, i got this on CFP/summary page/Proactive defense :
==> the defense+ has blocked 2 suspicious attempt(s) so far. and i check on defense+ event, those are BOClean.exe targeting CFP&cmdagent :

apps                                    action              Target

CBOclean\BOC425.exe access memory cfp.exe
CBOclean\BOC425.exe access memory cmdagent.exe


Since installing CFPv3 last Tuesday 20/11/07 I started getting a warning box saying my Antivir AV file had changed. I never saw this box with CFPv2.4. Anyway I followed the advice given and dragged the icons for my AV and other security measures into the exclusion box thinking this would solve the problem. What seems to happen now though is that every time one of my security devices updates itself I get a warning telling me the file is unsafe as it has altered since last used.

Is there any way to stop this as it never happened when I had CFPv2.4 as my Firewall?.


I think you won’t have any problems if you define BOClean (and any other security or special software) as “Trusted Application”. No problems or D+ events here even without adding anything to BOC’s excluder.

The problem with adding programs to BOC’s excluder is that when they get updated it’s BOC that will tell you that the program in the excluder is no longer the same as the one trying to run. At least it happened to me when I added CFP to BOC’s excluder and then updated CFP, at boot. I then defined BOC as trusted in D+ and deleted CFP from BOC’s excluder and they’re not interferring any more, since trusted apps (CFP) aren’t by default protected from memory accesses by other trusted apps (BOC).