Apps That You Choose To Manually Run In The Sandbox

Being pretty new to Comodo, I was wondering if some of you would chime in with the kinds of apps you have chosen to add manually and run in the sandbox?

If you wouldn’t mind, please also state what level of restriction you impose on the apps as well.

The reason I ask is because I am pretty familiar with running apps with Online Armor’s “Run Safer” and PrivateFirewall’s “Limited Rights” features and was wondering if this would be used in the same fashion and if there were some caveats which I should be aware of.

I run XP Pro SP3 in an admin account and run my browsers, email and some other internet facing apps via Sandboxie

Thanks in advance.

I don’t run any apps in the Sandbox, specifically. I have my Execution Control set at Restricted (this way the apps work with my permission only). The Comodo Sandbox isn’t really a true Sandbox and you may find sandboxing apps restricts their use. You’ll probably just have to experiment with it until you get apps to work the way you want them to.

Thank you. I appreciate the input. :-TU