Apps not asking for permission to access internet after reinstall

I uninstalled/reinstalled Comodo Firewall yesterday and noticed that several (actually two) applications that I have do not show up or prompt anything on Comodo Firewall no matter what I do with them.

I use a program called Feedreader 3 for my RSS feeds and it’s literally connecting to the internet and ignoring Comodo Firewall. I don’t get a prompt for internet access when it accesses the internet, and another one called Curse Client is doing exactly the same. They where being monitored just fine before the reinstall… =S

Running the newest version of Comodo Firewall from the official website. Behavior is on Custom policy.

Edit: Add another App, Nexus Mod Manager… Comodo completely ignored it too =S.

Are you using Avast 7 or do you have either of the boxes in the image checked?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Neither are checked and yes Avast 7 is being used.

I’m afraid Avast is your problem. You should read Comodo Firewall and Avast 7 to understand the situation better.

I got it to work by disabling several of the Avast shields (Web Shield/Mail Shield/P2P Shield/IM Shield), and now it (Comodo) correctly picks up all the apps that try to connect to the internet. I’m assuming it’s just the web shield that was interfering, but as I don’t use any Mail software/P2P software/IM software, I disabled them as well.

It’s only the web-shield you need to disable, but if you don’t use the others…