Approval or deny screens

Hi everyone
First I want to appologize for my bad English. :wink: I have a question about the approval or deny screens after installing comodo.
first time installing I got a hundres of those screens and I had to decide wether a program was good for the internet or not. A tough job for me.
Later when I installed comodo again after a windows crash and new windows install it did not give me al the screens.
the only thing is that after the second comodo install is that I joined the community (asked during installation)
I hope someone can help me. I like comodo but I don’t understand everything.
Tried zonealarm fot a while but with Vista it crashes my firefox all the time. Comodo still works great.

Hi and Welcome To The Forums!

I’m one of the Voluteer Moderators here…

Each new version of Comodo Internet Security / Comodo Firewall has more and more “trusted programs” in it’s database.

A lot of your number of alerts related to what level the Defense+ module is set at.

A good idea is to run Defense+ in Clean PC Mode or Training mode for the first day so it can learn the general habits of your system use. Since the Firewall element is by default set to “Safe Mode” you will only be prompted for outgoing connections from programs which are not in Comodo’s “Trusted” list.

The Community Joining Element is for “ThreatCast” where you can view how many others have voted Allow or Block for a specific Alert. This is simply to help and advise you of what to do with an unknown alert.

Hope this answers some of your questions.