"Apply" does not enact a policy until "OK" is chosen

Hi and thanks in advance for any replies.

When I change an entry in my Network Security Policy by opening a rule dialog, changing an attribute (e.g., the port to which the rule applies) and clicking on “Apply,” the change is not enacted until I then click “OK” on the underlying NSP dialog. Is there a reason for this? Should the rule change not be enacted when I hit “Apply?”

Nope. That’s how it’s supposed to be. It won’t save any changes to your policies unless you hit OK after applying your settings.


whats the point of apply button then… other then changing to another table without losing settings. why not have it apply the settings so people could test different scenarios and ports in a much easier fashion of need be. the OK and cancel button would finalize those changes but in most programs the APPLY button usually provides instant change within that settings assuming a restart isnt required or something.

Solace has the general idea, here. The ability to test to see what is working and what is not is hampered by having to do more than hit “Apply.” In addition, a novice user might hit “Apply” on the rule dialog and then cancel out of the underlying Network Security Policy dialog, mistakenly thinking that the rule was already in force.

Yes. Although I wouldn’t consider this as a bug, I agree that it would make more sense to have the ‘Apply’ button change the settings.

That’s the standard Windows convention - APPLY literally applies any pending changes without leaving the current window and OK applies any pending changes and exits the current window. This has been bum-about-face since V3.

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