Apply button does not work properly


I have found the following issue, it is very simple to reproduce.

Problem: “Apply” button while editing the Network Security Policy does not work properly.
Comodo Firewall version: 5.8.213334.2131

How to reproduce.

  1. In the main Comodo Firewall window go to “Firewall” tab.
  2. Under “Firewall” tab click “Network Security Policy” link.
  3. In the opened window select any policy and click “Edit” button (if the list is empty, create a policy first).
  4. Do any change in the opened “Network Control Rule” window.
  5. Now click “Apply” button. The window closes, but the new rule is still inactive.
  6. Press “Ok” button in “Network Security Policy” window, and only now the changes made on step 4 become active.

It is easy to see this by starting a download in the browser and disabling all the network access for this browser on step 4. As a result, browser stops downloading a file only after step 6, but not 5, as it is supposed to be according to button labels.

Thank you.

Moved to help board, as this is by design.

All windows have to be closed before any changes are made, if you click on Cancel in the final window any changes or new rules made are lost.

Thank you



thanks for moving the toping to the appropriate forum and for the reply.

This behaviour is clear to me, but maybe it makes sense to use another button title instead of “Apply”, as “Apply” is normally intended for activating the changes right after pressing the button. Maybe just “OK” for the button title in “Network Control Rule” window will be much better, as “Apply” looks a bit misleading now.