Apply a rule to a network interface?

I was wondering if its possible, in comodo, to add a rule to a specific network interface?

For example i dont want my p2p program allowed internet access on my default network interface. However the program will be allowed access to internet when i have an established VPN connection through another network interface.

The whole point of this is, when the VPN connection drops for whatever reason, the program would instantly be blocked as windows tries to switch to default network interface.

Like ive said, i have not found any way to configure this in comodo firewall. I found the solution in another firewall called Sygate Personal Firewall(2004). There was a setting called advanced rules that allowed the user to select a “Rule to Network Interface”. Basically it lets you block an application from ever running on an interface, but allow it to run when another interface is active.

I hope someone got an answer to this or maybe another way to solve this issue? I would very much appreciate any response to this since this seems to be a very common problem and there are very, very few working solutions.

Ive tried Zonealarm and comodo, neither did anything to let the user select a network interface to block/allow.;msg253012#msg253012