ApplicUnwnt@cxyembwp8yhz is this a virus?

i want to know is this a virus of FP???

malwayre: ApplicUnwnt@cxyembwp8yhz

C:\System Volume Information_restore{A5BD8CCD-BF3E-4D35-B806-04459C4305CC}\RP450\A0272756.exe

C:\System Volume Information_restore{A5BD8CCD-BF3E-4D35-B806-04459C4305CC}\RP450\A0272771.exe

How about this, While theres more then 1 way to go about this.

Since it’s only in system restore and nowhere else, it’s probably harmless. delete all the old system restore entries and create a new one. See if it pops back in by scanning it again. If it pops back in then I would investigate it

It’s not an active malware. You also could open the System Restore folder following this Microsoft Knowledgebase article and remove the entries.

That being said.The detection is categorised as application unwanted. Which means that the application in it self is not strictly malware but could be used as such or have other unwanted consequences. For example a remote access tool can be used to help or could be a trojan, certain cracks which are not malware may be unwanted in government or corporate environment…