Applications running slowly in Sandbox

Interesting - not on my machine. But this may vary from app to app and processor to processor. For example, maybe sandboxing job limits which restrict the number of processes spawned will slow down an app that normally uses multiple processes, on processors with multiple cores…?? But I guess this might be the right sort of trade off - app still functional but runs slower while its credentials are checked in the background. Question is, how long will the CIMA background check take? If a day or so, maybe that’s OK, given that most software will not be sandboxed, 'cos its on a safe list). What do you think?

Of course I’m testing it in a VM (virtual PC although integration components are installed and activated) and that’s an additional source of slowing down. (I don’t understand the CIS 4 fully enough to trust it a real machine). But apps slow down on any level the sandbox presents (the process number restriction is excluded as I understand?), the apps are different from Opera 10.50 to a chess game and all the apps are running slower than in a SandBoxie (and DefenceWall (untrusted) as well) - that’s what I see. DefenseWall was installed in the Virtual PC either and then uninstalled using CTM after testing- no questioning. CIS is always on with defaults. I will explore it once more but I don’t see any reason why it could happen.
Win7 Ult 32.

Best then I think to report this as a bug, if you have not already. Hopefully then it will be eliminated for the release version.

(If sandboxed software is exceeding job limits, I guess something should be appearing in the windows event logs, or at least you should be able to set these logs to generate events whenever resources are denied. )