Applications need several local ports for Syncplicity to work...


I have a problem cause I dont know how to make a rule that solves the following situation:

I have the ‘sync tool’ Syncplicity installed and since then a bunch of tools that access my harddisks want to have access to a range of ports (something from 1060-1120 ?!? have no excact data) on my machine/localhost…

That may be the case cause Syncplicity monitors my folders / filesystem for changes so it can sync them… But as said, no all programms that didnt show that behaviour bevor want to open these ports…

Can I introduce a global rule in Comodo so I am no longer interupted by pop ups asking for allowance? Cause I believe since these ports are on my machine it is ok to do so.



a long time passed and no answers. Not so great.

To make it more clear, the sync tool called SYNCPLICITY adds a context menu into the MS Explorer windows (the one when you right click on files, dirs etc.).
This context menu needs for its monitoring capability access to local ports.
portrange: 1025-1090

But I does not help to add this rule for the tool itsself since it is added to MS Explorers context menu and all other programs that make use of that!!!

So please, how can I add a rule that covers that?

thanks alot!