Applications isolated again and again - "don't isolate it again" ignored

For the past few days (possibly introduced with a recent update - my current version is 5.12.256249.2599), CIS has started to go haywire on apps that have been “trusted” for months and months. Every time I start those apps, I get the “Application Isolated” popup.

I’ve tried clicking “Don’t isolate it again” many times, it seems to be ignored. I’ve tried clicking on the file name, and, in the “Unrecognized Files” dialog, checking the apps that have been incorrectly sandboxed and selecting “Move To” > “Trusted Files”. The next time I start up the app, the same thing happens again. It’s like CIS lost the file on trusted files and now it can’t store new information in it.

Is there something I can do to fix this? Is it a known bug that has been introduced recently and will be fixed soon? Should I be upgrading to version 6…?



Hmm, so after another day’s work and continually moving apps out of the sandbox, CIS seems to have realised the error of its ways and, instead of sandboxing my apps, asked for permissions “the regular way”, i.e. allow/don’t allow with “remember” option, and it seems to be re-learning which apps I trust.

I’m guessing a recent auto-update re-set my permissions somehow, but if anyone encounters the same issue, hang in there, it seems to fix itself after a while. (At least I hope it will stay that way…)

Well, seems I’m talking to myself, but the behaviour came back after a day or two, so I upgraded to the new version. Don’t like the clunky dumbed-down tablet-style interface, don’t like that Comodo keeps pushing its browser, toolbar, and that geek buddy thing (all that should be opt-in in good software, not opt-out), don’t like the pop-up ads (I mean, REALLY?!?). Afraid I’ll have to look for alternatives.

The new UI is not as bad as it may seem at first sight though. It is very customisable; notice that the main screen has two faces (just look for the toggle towards the upper left corner). You can have custom buttons at the bottom of the main screen for quick access to often used functions.

The pop up ad is Comodo Message Center and can be disabled from Customise user interface.

Give a chance. It will grow on you. And as for the GB and Privdog . I like Privdog an GB is not something I need. Alerts for things like GB are not enough an annoyance to drive me away from an excellent piece of software that is given for free…