Applications disappearing from My Safe Files list [BUGREPORT] [ x32]

CFP (x32) on Windows XP SP2.

  1. Add an application to My Safe Files list.

  2. Rename the application executable (move it, delete it). The application disappears from My Safe Files list.

  3. Rename the application back (move it back, undelete it). Try adding it to My Safe Files list again. Comodo says the application is already in the list. And it treats the application as safe. But the application doesn’t appear in My Safe List anymore.

It’s not as unusual to have the executable from My Safe List deleted, as it may sound. Firefox, for example, creates a FlashGot.exe somewhere in user’s profile folder when it starts (if you have this extension installed, of course). And deletes it when is shuts down. Move flashgot.exe from Pending Files to My Safe Files, and it will disappear from the list next time you close Firefox. Start Firefox again, and FlashGot will still be treated as a safe application. But now there is no way to make it not safe by deleting it from My Safe List, since it’s not listed there anynmore.