applications connecting internet

Today i see one of my applications show me update found window than i realize i didnt allow thise.
So where can i see view all aplications allowed to connect internet and allow only few of them!
Thanks for answer (im using v3)

Hi pizdarija,

If you look under Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy/Application Rules–>Here you will find the list of applications which have been assigned rules to allow them to connect to the internet.
You can remove any you wish to by highlighting them and clicking “Remove” then “APPLY”.

If you wish to be alerted to any application which doesnt have a rule assigned to it in applcation rules you will need to move the Firewall Security Level up to "Custom" and its best to move the “Alert Settings” up to at least High.

To these the best way is to go to Firewall/Advanced/Firewall Behaviour Settings–>In the “General settings” window move the slider up to “Custom”(hold left mouse button down when on arrow)
Do the same for “Alert Settings” in that window.
Make sure to click APPLY to activate the settings.


Thank you very much aneway i see option “Keep an alert on screen for maximum seconds” what does happen if i dont do aneything in thise time because some (very rare) applications and even games have problem freezing and after thise time PC unfreeze im sure firewall block but i just want to be sure!