Application trying to create a new folder

On a regular basis, I get a pop up warning me that an application is trying to create a new folder. As usual, I select Allow and have the firewall remember my decision. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work and I am still consitently warned.

This is most annoying when I use uTorrent WebGui as I am not near my computer to accept the warning.

I put uTorrent into my trusted applications in the hope that this would supress the warning however, it still pops up when I add a new torrent.

Is there a rule or something I can do to have this error automatically acknowledged, or not to happen in the first place?

I am using Vista Business and never had a problem when using XP!

Many thanks,

Where is the folder and is it always the same name?

When using the webgui of uTorrent, this always creates the folder in the same location (which for some reason is in System32), but will also cause problems when trying to create a new file within the sub-folder (eg System32\torrent\newfile.txt)

I occassionally also have the same warning when Firefox is downloading a file. I usually save Firefox downloads to the desktop but the warning doesn’t always occur.

The last time the error happened, I selected ‘Treat as Trusted Application’ and this seems to have done the job, but will have to wait and see…

System32 and everything under it is protected. Well behaved applications should not write there.

If you go to “defence+”, “Advanced”, “Computer security policy” and find your application you should be able to create a rule to allow this. Select “access rights” and “Modify” against “protected files/folders”. Under allowed add an entry c:\windows\System32\torrent*.txt and it should be able to write to or create any text file in this folder.

This is more secure than making the application fully trusted.