Application: Trusted, Shell, Isolated

Hey guys, great work on Comodo 3!!

I just installed it, so I won’t comment yet, I wanna do some tests first.

But first of all, I wanna understand what those terms mean exactally.

We can choose to allow or block the alerted request, or choose to treat that app as Trusted, Shell, Isolated or Isolated Browser App.

What’s the consequence of choosing each of those? Comodo alpha has no help file and I found nothing about it searching the forum.

As I understood, they mean:

  • Trusted: the app can do anything freely
  • Shell: the app can “talk” to explorer.exe freely
  • Isolated: the app needs an allow for each request
  • Isolated Browser: the app is free to access Web but needs an allow for anything else

Is that right?

Ah I found it!

They can be configured at Defense+ → Advanced → Predefined Security Policies

Comodo 3 is being GREAT! FANTASTIC!!

tnx tnx for the DNS policy!! WOOT!! :BNC (:CLP) :Beer


That was an interesting question raised. I wondered about it…