Application that contain virus, closes, and I need to stop this behavior

Hi everyone

I was wondering if there is a setup or setting in comodo HIPPS Defense+ in order to stop a supposly legitime aplication, from getting closed or terminated., but I am %100 it has virus tools, trojans and stuff on it.

I use comodo sandbox and install virus inside sandbox, I set it to LIMITED secure level, I cant put it more higher because the program wont connect to internet, and I need that stays always connects to internet.

I tried the process termination defense check mark, but it keeps getting closed.

Maybe if I run it from a very low acces rights acount like USERS?


CIS clearly distinguishes between user initiated actions and program initiated actions. The user can do basically everything including deleting executables, windows system files etc where a program will not be allowed.

Testing protection of files by user action is not accurate. You need to let an application “attack” another application to see if the application under protection is protected.