Application Svchost.exe and Parent System Process

Hi can anyone advise with this is safe or not.Firewall Keeps asking and ive noticed there is no box to tick either to remember the application.It comes up each take i connect to the internet and also asks other remote ip addresses under the same svchost or system process or services.

Application svchost.exe

remote ip 86 31 91 160 port nbdgram(138)UDP

Parent System process

The parent application(system process)refuses communication with commodo firewall pro.This may happen either because(system process)has crashed and needs to be restarted or it has installed potentially dangerous kernel level hooks to reveal its activities.This is typical of a virus,trojan or spyware behaviour.

Greetings daz1971,

System process is safe.
If you want to know more about port 138, you could read here:

System will only use port 137,138,139.
So you should allow it unless it’s connecting thru another application, or another parent that svchost.exe tries to connect thru it.