application rules


Sorry if this is a stupid question, but why are most of the applications in my list “custom” and not “allowed application”?
Even if I explicitely use firewall tasks to allow an application, it turns up in this list as “custom”.
Shouldn’t the normal ruleset of an allowed application be, well, “allowed application”?
To me it seems that the default is “custom”, which I find strange, as I don’t do anything “customy” about it.
Have I maybe chosen a (wrong) option somewhere for Comodo to behave like this?

Many thanks

(definitely not a Comodo expert)

There are two broad options available for creating a policy that applies to an application Predefined Policy or Custom Policy. Unless the former is specified the latter is implemented.

Unless you specify a custom policy in the alert’s ‘treat as’ drop down dialogue, or select the predefined policy raio button, the policy created will be ‘custom’