Application Rules.

Is it ok to put my anti virus Avira into the safe application in the application rules? Also should I put all the programs that I know are safe into this category.


Also why does windows explorer require INTERNET access?

Can a Comodo representative get back to me about this?


If you wish a response from a Comodo representative, you’ll need to pay for the Pro license.


Brendan Bryson, would you kindly refrain from making comments such as the one you made. This is a help forum mostly frequented by helpful users, unsavoury comments will not be tolerated.
End of!


fair enough I was out of order and I apologize. As for my post asking would a Comodo representative would look into some things about Comodo and get back to me that does make sense.

Dont count on a Comodo representative posting, we mod’s are the closest thing, BUT we don’t representative Comodo fyi.

Ye that is what I meant ;D Just like Mellik helped me with CSC :smiley: Honestly I am sorry for that comment I have taken it away I was drunk but that is no excuse to say things like that. I was just very annoyed because my nephew was on the PC and the firewall kept popping up alerts about my anti virsus. Still this is no excuse to say what I said. I have it set as a safe application now.


No problem, if you have other questions just ask. :slight_smile: