application rules questions

;D Hi, I’m new here, but mostly a lurker. I have a few questions that have been bugging me lately. First of all, I’m using version 2.3 and have been very happy so far. I’ve seen a few post about a reset button and I guess that is coming in a later version. When I installed awhile ago I just let Comodo do its thing (default settings, default network rules) Here are my questions.

  1. When clicking a Comodo popup to allow any applications whatsoever, will that action ever change a network rule? In other words are the network rules basically in stone unless I specifically create or change them?

  2. I want a definite answer on if I go to security > advanced and at the bottom click restore will that restore (reset) all of the firewall or just the advanced security configurations settings?

  3. This has a bit to do with question #1. Sometimes I get a bit impatient and click a Comodo allow warning when trying to run a program. I may have allowed something I don’t want. If my network rules are stock AND If I remove all the programs from the application monitor, will it be the same as a reset (for me in my situation)? I know that I will have to allow everything again, but I will try to be patient. 88)

Speaking of being patient the team here has been more than patient. Keep up the great work and thank you all for your help. (:CLP)

  1. No. Yes.
  2. I just tried again it resets all 3: ABA, AADP, and Miscellaneous panel settings to the defaults
  3. I think you are right because the network rules AFAIK doesn’t change from any accept/deny alerts; they have to be manually configured.

Hi Soyabeaner, Thanks for you quick reply! So network rules will not be changed from the accept/deny alerts, and the restore button is only for those particular settings. Ok cool. Now if I delete all my application control rules will that basically reset my firewall without the pain of uninstalling and reinstalling Comodo or my security suite?

I just thought of another question. I don’t want to upgrade to ver. 2.4 yet. If I click the updater will I get the option to deny it? I still want to be able to check for Comodo certified applications updates without upgrading. Thanks again!

cheers, innerpeace

You have the least asked questions, but also one of the great ones!

No. Deleting app rules and uninstalling/reinstalling are two completely different things, unless your aim is to just reset the rules to the defaults then it could produce the same results.

I always wondered about this one myself. As a test, in v2.3 I deleted the CFP help file. Clicking on the updater restored the file without prompting me (though I do remember only a few times that it ever prompted me). The message was very vague because I had no idea what was updated. I thought it was a version or certified apps database upgrade. Mostly likely both. For a version upgrade, I don’t know if there will be an option because I performed the uninstall/reinstall method - this is my preference in all software because it’s safer, ensuring a cleaner setup. Someone else will have more insight.