Application rules disappeared

Hi, all!

I’m trying to lock down my PC really tight. I’ve set the highest “alert frequency level” and wanted to specify exactly which application has access to which IPs and ports. Even for my browser (Opera 9.23) I’m specifying the list of allowed IPs to connect to, to avoid downloading ad images and being logged by and the like. Yes, I DO want to deal with all the popups, because I DO want to know what’s going on on my computer.
After a while I had quite a list of rules for Opera, about half of which were allowing, and the other half denying connections. Then suddenly I see no more popups, even when I go to a new site. I look at the “Application Control Rules” page and see that all the rules are gone, but instead there is only one rule for opera: allow all IPs and all ports, TCP and UDP.
Now I’m asking you - is this by desing or something went wrong?
I’m the only one using this computer. I did not define Opera as a Trusted Application, and I did not use the “Scan for known applications” functionality. What’s happened? My only guess is that Comodo “summarized” all my rules into a single, simpler one.

Comodo Firewall Pro version:
Comodo Certified Applications Database: 3.0
Windows XP Pro SP2 with latest updates (32-bit). Account with admin privileges.
Internet connection: ADSL NAT-router.
Antivirus: NOD32 2.7.
Comodo is the first application installed on a fresh Windows after the hardware drivers and Windows Updates.

The question is - is this by design, or should I restore some earlier image and try to configure things again?