Application rules advice sought, The Blues, and Guitars

I am 57 and not very PC technical minded but have found that Comodo is for me anyway the easiest understood Firewall to use. I check out the forums at Bleeping and as I have gotten more used to things I become nosier as to what I have on my PC and is it good or bad. I was running through the programs on my Applications Monitor screen in Comodo today and for the most part knew what they were and what they did except for two. One is called msiexec.exe and has something to do with Windows Installer Components and the other is msn6.exe and is to do with Windows Update. The rule set for them both is Any—Any—TCP/UDP Out------Allow. Is this ok or should there be something else?. Thanks in advance for any help offered.

I love the blues :slight_smile:
I vaguely remember win installer asking for access at some time. If it did I have since deleted from app monitor and haven’t been asked since, (I have an occasional app rule cleanup).
I turned off auto update some time ago but to my understanding updates come through windows services (svchost).
msiexec.exe - msn6.exe
I don’t have either of those two apps in comodo.

Ah! B.B King, John Myall the list goes on.

Thanks for your reply Sullo. Muddy Waters does it for me though. Do you think I should remove these two or just leave them alone?.

Don’t forget the great Buddy Guy. :■■■■

Yes remove them.
First heard Muddy Waters as a young lad. Friends father had them on vinyl 33rpm.
Buddy Guy, now there was a guy who influenced a lot of musicians.

Les Paul - the man not the guitar!

That brought back a memory, I loved their version
“I was waltzin’ with my darlin’ to the Tennessee waltz”
Now I,m going to have to find a copy of this, thanks Panic.

Now a Les Paul is a fine blues guitar Panic and Les Paul is a fine guitar player but I doubt very much even old Les would call himself a blues guitar player. LOL.

Let’s try to stay on topic or change the thread title to “Application rules advice sought and Music for old folks”.

Ok, back on thread
Just for info
I installed opera browser for a looksee. At the end of the installation I was asked whether I wanted to run the browser and got an alert that win install wanted to connect. Path was from install temp dir. Opera rule had installer as the parent.
Deleted both rules restarted opera from start progs and correct rule was setup.
I take exception to the term “old folks” even if it is true in my case. ;D

Oh sorry. I thought this thread was filled with them and to draw attention. I was correct (:WIN).

Yeah Soya, watch it - I resemble that remark!


A lot of times when you install applications (or updates), you will get alerts to allow a connection to the internet (so it can verify version, updates, registration, etc). These will come from the temp files created as part of the install (from which the install occurs). If you check the “remember” box (or it’s already checked) and Allow, it will create a rule in the application monitor.

It is not only safe to delete those rules, I find it desirable to delete them. In fact, when installing, I normally do not “remember” on those alerts so that I don’t have to edit rules out later. Then once I run the new or updated application, I’ll get the “permanent” alert from CFP, to which I Allow with “Remember” to create the rule.

Hope that answers your question…


PS: Not really blues (although he draws from that tradition) but a great guitarist (IMO) is Leo Kottke

Little Mac
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“Application rules advice sought and Music for old folks”.



Thanks; glad to be here…

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Little Mac,
That’s exactly why I asked the question. When I first installed Comodo I just ticked the box and allowed it if it was a program I knew and trusted !!!.eg AVG, Firefox, Windows etc. Now that I am getting used to Comodo I have realised what you said in your reply to be true and had started to thin out my application rules. The two mentioned programs were I am sure allowed when I installed something and now I will remove them.

Got to agree about Leo Kottke great guy on a twelve string.

I think that’s probably a common path taken by users. They are not (in general) used to being alerted by their firewall to activity, and do what seems like needs to be done, in order to connect. Later, they may rethink that strategy… :wink:

I heard a friend play Machine Gun… that got me interested. Still my favorite piece.

There are some good modern blues guitarists (by modern, read, “perhaps a bit younger…”) such as Ian Moore; hopefully folks like these will carry on the tradition into the next generation, as the “legends” pass on…