Application Rule Control Slow Refresh

Hi there,
I’ve Comodo Personal Firewall version

I encountered a problem in the Application Control Rules list.
somehow when i try to delete one item from the list, although not that long, the whole deltetion process could take almost a minute or more. i wish the application wouldn’t be that memory hangry and that somehow someone will fix that problem. (which remind me why I moved from Norton Firewall and nevere came back). the list population after deletion is quiet annoying… anyway i think, also, that there should be a way of choosing several rules at once for deletion (that feature is not that good for editing and there should be some kind of compromise).
I can help coding the program, I’m a programmer, if my help is needed.

CPF is a real good Application with a lot of potential. I myself use for a day to day work. I hope it won’t take the path of McAffee, Norton and ZoneAlarm. I think that Kerio should be the model for such a product (although ended as SunBelt Firewall that will never download!)

if only the memory foot print was not like 20MB and more like 500K.


FWIW I’m running the same version with a dozen or so Application Monitor rules and when I delete one, it’s gone in a flash! In fact I just did one for an application I uninstalled yesterday and it too instantly disappeared from the list. No lag time at all.

Something in your particular setup or a lot of memory hogging processes running in the background may be causing this delay. ??? Someone more knowledgeable will step in with other thoughts, I’m sure.