Application Rule: 'Ask'

What happens if an ‘Ask’ pop-up message is displayed but unanswered - is there a default ‘allow’ or ‘block’ action invoked after a certain period ot time?

Anything not allowed should be blocked by default. It is blocked while waiting for you to answer, and continues to be blocked if you don’t answer. But not remembered.

After 2 minutes (This can be changed in the Firewall and Defense+ General Settings) the alert will disappear and temporarily block the request. Iit WILL re-appear if the application is run again or asks again to connect to the internet or whatever it was doing at the time.


Tks. What does ‘temporarily block the request’ mean? Is the request automatically allowed if the user hasn’t responded to the displayed alert before the alert times out?

It just means that the block is not remembered next time the application asks, as Eric said. If it asks again, you will get another popup.