Application repeated warnings

I have a weather application that sits on the desktop
and its location is C:/Documents & Settings/Mike/Local Settings/Temp/{long

With, for example, my previous Security software Kaspersky, this software would simply open on the desktop as I started my PC. Comodo doesn’t seem to let it open and so I have to click on its icon to open it and each time I do this Comodo issues two warnings - firstly that it is trying to change a registry entry and then it is trying to connect to the internet. Each time I tell Comodo this is a trusted software and to remember my decisions and Comodo then lets it run.

However, the next time I start up my PC the same thing happens all over again!

I have noticed that each time I have to manually start the weather software, the long string of numbers and letters in the software location appears to change. Could it be because of this and the fact it is “Temp” that Comodo thinks it’s a different application each time the PC starts up and therefore queries it again?

If so, is there an answer?

Yes this is exactly what the problem is, you see, even though it is the same application and same app name, its location is different every time you start your computer and start the application. You can try to move the actual exe from the temp folder and put it somewhere else and change any auto start entries pointing to the new location.

Hi Mike P,

Did a bit of looking and, there is a version III available.
Also on the page there are instructions to set up the app to a permanent path so you don’t have to monkey with setting up CIS to deal with the temp file location.

Let us know if you get sorted.


Hi Bad Frogger

Did exactly as you suggested, moved applicationto permanent path and Comodo no longer has a problem with it.

Much obliged for your help.