"Application Profiles" - single files users can import/export/share

One thing that I think would greatly advance useability and security for many users would be an open format (for all security vendors with sections for firewall, HIPS, and whatever else so if a vendor has function A, it can read in that section and if not, it ignores it) file that includes a “profile” of what the application ought to do and be allowed to do in normal use. Think of it like an application specific export of a ruleset.

The best example I can think of was in the now abandoned CoreForce product that provided HIPS and Firewall, and allowed you to export/import a ruleset for a particular app.

The idea I can see is profiles that are stored on Comodo’s site (or other central trusted sites - the security equivelent of Mozilla’s Ad-On site) and available from vendors perhaps that detail out in a ruleset what the app can be expected to safely do.

In Comodo, this could also add on to the “Treat app as”… A good option would be to fill in from the Comodo store matches to the filename under the Tread app as …

The best way it would work however, would be for users who were not savvy to just have a GUI in comodo that opened the secured webpage, and listed apps for which there is a profile. They could select say, Firefox 3.x profile, and it would then set up the rules for firefox as normally installed. If it couldn’t find Firefox in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox as normal, it could offer a browse function to find the install location. Then in that one step, all normal pop-ups would be answered from the rules file - the “Application Profile”. Then, if Firefox tried to do something abnormal, an alert would be generated, but alerts would not be generated for say, accessing www.google.com at port 80 for instance.

I’m just thinking of an easy way for users to share their custom rulesets on a per app basis.