Application Notice, accepted but still continues

I am running Comodo Internet Security Premium Version 4.1.150349.920

I have an IoMega Network attached Storage device, which also uses the RetroExpress.exe software for backups. The RetroExpress.exe software talks to the Remote device - TCP on Port 22024.

As a Computer Consultant, I have always been told that the localhost ( is local to the box, not remote.

In any event, I have indicated that this action is allowed (100+ times), and that it is also listed as a Trusted application. Additionally, I have added this (and other processes) to the ‘My Safe Files’ list, but the nag screen about the process continues to request my attention every 20-30 seconds.

WHY? How do I get this to work the way I think that it should??

Is the RetroExpress program running from the NAS or from your computer?

How is the NAS connected to your computer? With and Ethernet connection?

Can you show a screenshot of your Global Rules and firewall logs (under View Firewall Events)?

RetroExpress runs on the Laptop, that’s why its connecting to the localhost(,

The Drive is connected on the internal network, and is accessible via WiFI or Ethernet connections inside the LAN.

The Firewall Events Screen is attached per your request.

[attachment deleted by admin]

What is rule for RE in Network Security Policy → Application Rules?

Do you have “Make rules for safe applications” enabled (Firewall → Advanced -->Firewall Behaviour Settings → General Settings)?

What configuration are you running? Look under More → Manage My Configurations.