Application.MSIL.Linkury.M@330247795 malware

I’ve been using an ERP package and all of a sudden I started getting this antivirus alert preventing me from opening a specific screen.
This always worked before and nothing in the package changed.
I know the package is safe
I’ve looked for this malware on the net with no results.
So questions are

  1. What is this malware that is being detected?
  2. How can I stop comodo from blocking the ERP software?
    Thanks in advance

Date 2015-10-30 07:45:57
Location C:\Users\Fadel\AppData\Local\Temp\lnf2i5ks.dll
Malware Name Application.MSIL.Linkury.M@330247795
Action Detect
Status Success

Just finished a full scan and came bag totally clean

Comodo does not have a library of malware that you can use to look up characteristics of a malware.

You can add the file to the Exclusion of the AV. The file may be put in quarantine. Are you certain a file in the temp folder is part of that software you are using? It is a bit of an odd place to run an executable from for a program.