Application Monitor permanent Whitelisting

I set up Comodo to protect our Windows 2000 Server to protect our Mail Server application, MDaemon Pro. I am having problems with the Comodo Application Monitor repeatedly flagging executables that i need to run unhindered for the mail services to work. I can’t afford for these application monitor challenges cause service outtage when they aren’t caught.

Something about MDaemon makes incremental changes to services related to spam checking and webmail services. Is there a way to permanently whitelist these specific executables so they don’t come up flagged anymore?

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Another thought…

In the Application Control Panel, under Application / Parent Application. Would moving the selection to “Skip the Parent Check” keep the challenge from popping up?

You might try that; also under the Miscellaneous tab for that application rule, check the box “skip advanced security checks” and also “allow invisible connections.”