Application monitor doesn't detect all outgoing applications? [resolved]

I have a question about the application monitor. I have emule and it runs fine and I can download files. I opened up ports in the Network Monitor for emule. However, Comodo never asked me whether or not allow this application and I don’t see any mention of it in the application monitor. It does appear in my current connections. I’m a little worried that if Comodo just lets emule access the internet, what else could it possibly let access the internet? Any ideas?

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Have you scanned for known applications? I think Emule is a trusted application, and thats why you don’t get bothered with popups. If another app is trying to use Emule to get out, you will get a popup.
You can get more popups if you want, and even for trusted apps if you go to security/advanced/misc and uncheck the “do not show alerts for apps certified by Comodo” and if you want more you can raise the alert frequency level slider.
Comodo’s trusted apps list is “secret”, so that malware can’t add them self to it.
Hope this helps.

That fixed it! Thanks for the help! I’m appreciating Comodo more and more every day!

I’m glad it helped! :Beer
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