Application mon, Network mon and App Beh Ana. sometimes disabled after startup

Sometimes, after my computer ahs booted and CPF is loaded, three components are not loaded: Application monitor, Network monitor and Application Behaviour Analysis. Windows also alerts me that no firewall is running. After I shut down CPF and reload the application, the problem is solved. Has anyone else this problem and/or knows a solution?

I forgot to add some details:

  • I’m using a wireless connection, which is not directly initialized during startup of Windows; maybe (I don’t know) no internet connection is available when I start CPF.
  • I’m using Windows XP SP2

This morning, I had no problems with CPF, like most of the time. But sometimes, the above discribed behaviour happens.

I have the same problem intermittently (it seems like almost turn about, what you describe happens once, then it all works the next time).

For more details, if you’re interested, see my post to another thread in these forums.

I would be interested in your experience since you last posted here.