Application List and Help system


These may be daft questions, but please forgive me.

Query 1 - The list of applications in the privacy scan includes IE but not firefox. It also includes Picassa, but not the Kodak equivalent, EasyShare. Should they be included? If so, how do I put them on to the list

The list also includes Thunderbird, but it is never selected because it is “sensitive”. What does that mean?

Query 2 - I clicked on the help button in the program in order to answer these questions, but was immediately directed to the main Comodo web site. Is that correct. Does SC not have inbuilt Help?

I am using version 2, fully updated.

Thanks in advance



Query 1:

Please tell us what exact version of Firefox are you using, because Firefox should be recognized by CSC as it is on the list of supported applications.
Please use this topic to tell us what other applications would like us to include in the list of “CSC supported applications”. We will add them to CSC database as soon as possible.

Each application has at least one sensitive category. Sensitive categories are not selected by default because they can contain personal information that the user might not want to clean, like the ‘Bookmarks’ category for an internet browser. Thunderbird is not selected because it has only one category that is marked as sensitive.

Query 2:

Although the Help button should work, try launching the help file from the StartMenu>Comodo>System Cleaner>User Guide.

In addition to all this, please tell the exact version of CSC and the operating system you are using it on.

Thank you for your support.


I am using CSS version 2.0.108716.5 on Windows XP with service pack 3.

The Firefox version is 3.5.2

Comodo does not appear in the Start Menu. Start>All Programs>Comodo>System-Cleaner has only “Comodo System Cleaner”, “Comodo System Cleaner on the Web”, “Repair”, and “Uninstall”. There is no reference to User Guide.

I can find no instance of User Guide for CCS anywhere else on the machine either.

Should I just uninstall and start again?

Thanks for your help. :-\

Regarding Firefox - please tell us if you have the following registry key in your Windows Registry: HKLM\Software\Mozilla\Mozilla Firefox%version%\Main
The registry key should have the value: Install Directory.

Regarding Help - starting with version .5 of CSC (and basically all future releases of COMODO products), the help will be provided through COMODO website. This way all the information or changes in the user guide will be more easily updated as the users don’t need to wait for the next releases to see the proper specifications of the product. And if the users have more questions, they will be directed to COMODO’s forum.

Thank you for your support.


The entry I have is Software\Mozilla\Mozilla Firefox\3.5.2 (en-US)\Main\ .

In Main, the data for Install Directory is “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox”.

Does that help?