Application level OR/Vs System Virtulization

This is A Vs B, Not program specific, Just as a category.

Application virtulization Vs System Virtulization.
Example: Sandboxie Vs Returnil

Can do! :slight_smile:

Lets you run programs you don’t want permanently installed and undo changes after.
Lets you run malware on your system.

May lead to Identity and or Password theft if you run malware in it without other security.
Not all programs run in it.

I mean the pro’s and con’s of application vs system visualization, I am Torn up between selecting one or the other. :cry:

I like GeSWall (I guess getting a free lifetime license it part of it lol); but I have noticed that sometimes even when I make rules for something, those rules don’t do anything. :-\

And flash/java games have little “bugs” when running in an isolated browser…

I’m updating to the latest GeSWall now, so I hope things might change.

And why do you use application based virtulization and not system virtulization?

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hmmm…I don’t know lol.


post more tomorrow…have to go to bed now 88)

I have used system virtualization (MS Steady State, to be precise) for some user systems at work for a couple reasons:

  1. PEBKAC issues; MSSS helped lock down system and reduce user idiocy (user “breaking” various configurations/applications/etc)
  2. PEBKAC issues; MSSS helped roll back system and reduce user idiocy (user continuing to attract various malware)

MS SS was applied after reducing user privileges as well. I’ve also done such to a system we use for isolated malware scans of incoming hardware (ie, a sheep-dip).

While MS SS is certainly not as hearty a system as some others, it is free, which is nice.

I honestly don’t see the point in virtualizing just an application, although I guess it could be beneficial.


Application virtualization does have some tangible benefits.I use Symantec SVS (formerly Altiris) and for example I’m able to trial beta versions of software on my system without needing to uninstall the current stable version.Also applications that normally conflict with each other can be run together.

Another handy thing is that by making something like OpenOffice portable,it means that a package can be exported complete with all updates and add-ons and it takes only seconds to ‘install’ again in the event of reinstalling Windows or moving it to another computer.