application keyboard access rule not remembered

I wouldn’t have bothered; it’s just that someone posted about it in the French section, was asking for someone to confirm, and asked if this could be posted in the English section.
So, I checked myself on Thunderbird, denied it access to the keyboard, and it just doesn’t have any sort of effect. Thunderbird remains usable via keyboard as usual.

ps: this was just meant to check if the rule change works or not, as I obviously see no major benefit with denying keyboard access to an email client ;D

I’m on a proactive security mode, Win7/64.;msg349187#msg349187

edit: could the issue be 64 bit OS related? just wondering…

edit: setting the keyboard rule to ask for to Thunderbird works once; it can’t be remembered. Only workaround would be to never check “remember” at application start.

edit: some news, the OP in the French section is also running Win7/64

edit: bad news, another poster observed the same issue on 32 bit.

anyone ? ;D

OK let’s consider the issue is known, acknowledged, and nobody cares 88)

As far as I understand this. CIS gives the opportunity to monitor and block direct keyboard access. A program can also use the “official” Windows call to see what the keyboard reports. Apparently T-bird will use the official way when it can’t use direct access…