Application is on trust list, however firwall blocks activity


Ok not sure what the issue is here. Simply speaking when I try and open an attachement (say word doc) from Outlook 2007 (v 12) it stops Word from opening the document. (File not found message). Now looking at the Defense+ Events I see the following all the time:
application: c:/…/office12/WINWORD.EXE
Action: Install Hook
Target: c:/…/office12/wwlib.dll

Does this mean that the firewall is blocking an action?
I added Word and outlook to the trusted applications.


Hi foobart,welcome to the forums,

Try Removing the entries for Outlook and Word from Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy----->find the entry/highlight it and select “Remove” and APPLY to close.
This should allow Defence+ to re-learn any rules(do you remember blocking anything?)

Alternatively look under Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy/Find the entry for WINWORD.EXE and highlight it/Now click on “Edit”/Now “Access Rights”/In the new window you will see Windows/WinEvent hooks in the list(third down),click on “Modify” next to it/You will now get Allowed and Blocked hooks/See if …wwlib.dll is in the blocked section,if so remove it and APPLY to close all windows.


Hi Matty,

thanks for you help. :■■■■

much appreciated.


well unfortunality I had to uninstall comodo firewall as it was causing other issues. I’m fairly IT savey (developer and architect for 15 years), so gave it a good go.
Issues where (running on Vista):

Stopped opening attachments from Outlook and stop word opening files direct from Explorer
More seriously is messed with the control panel - I was unable to open the Windows Security Center - was getting the message: cannot access Shell32.dll. I also had trouble with the computer on the LAN - could not access shared drives and this PC was not visible to other machines.
Turning off Comodo firewall did not work. I had to uninstall.


I am sorry it did not work for you.
Please come back and try it again next year by then the bugs with Vista should have been sorted.
I have CIS running on Vista and it is not as stable as running on XP.
If you want I can PM you when I find as stable on Vista as XP.
Best Wishes

Hi Dennis,

yes please.

I run CIS on very high settings as soon as it is stable like this (Cannot tick Windows Messages CIS frezzes also have to increase settings very slowly) I will PM you and you will received a email registed to that account.

I will lock this Topic now if you want it re-opening pm an online mod.
Thank you