application freezes on defense+ alert

i have comodo CIS 5.5 running window7 32 bit.
i have notice this,don’t whether it is a bug or error on my defense+ is set to clean pc mode.whenever i try to run a program defense+ alert come up ,then if i click allow the program run well.but if i check the option remember my choice and click allow ,the program freezes.after a long time sometimes i get error window cannot access the happen to most programs.

Can you show a screenshot of the D+ logs? They are under View Defense + Events.

here is the log ,i recently have this case while running tuxboot

Try giving tuxboot-windows-25.exe the Installer/Updater policy. That will allow it to make temp files without asking you.

After you made the rule you have to move it to a place somewhere above the All Applications rule. You can drag and drop the rule. When a rule is somewhere underneath the All Applications rule it will follow the rule set by the All Applications rule; it is subordinate.

i have included it in trusted files from unrecognized files.after that i don’t get any prompt from CIS . but this happens to every another i have to set the option for every program i run? can’t CIS remember my option to “allow to run” without freezing the program ? ???

May be there is something not quite right with your current configuration. The way to find out is to import and activate a factory default configuration.

Go to More → Manage My Configurations → Import → Navigate to the CIS installation folder and import the Internet or Proactive Security Configuration (the choice is yours to which you import). You will be asked to give it a name; choose something like Comodo Internet Security - Fresh. When done activate it and see if the same thing happens or not.