application errors,,,referenced memory

Since installing comodo, upon opening and moreso closing any programs I’m using, I get the following little box coming up

[b](name of the program), application error

The instruction at “0x7c91718b” referenced memory “0x5f05001e”. The memory could not be “read”…

the codes are consistently the same on every error

Can someone direct me to what is happening and how to correct? Much appreciated thanks.

I dunno…
You can submit a support ticket at

was hoping for a quick fix

and thank you, have now submitted a ticket

i also started getting this error today, strange thing

What program causes this? Just CPF or together with?

shutting down firewall from tray, then restarting it from the launch pad.

that causes it, started to happen a day ago.

gonna check what programs have been installed etc, but its strange

What version of the firewall do you use?

CLPGuiApp.exe - application error
The instruction at “0x7c80cf6d” referenced memory “0x781510de”. The memory could not be “read”…

I was just wondering, since Launchpad has been removed in that version…
Have you updated since a long time back?
I would uninstall it, and then install the new version if I where you.

You could also contact support if none here can give you an answer.

so there isnt a comodo launch pad?

it doesnt start auto at startup, but i see what comodo apps are installed.

Guess ill try a reinstall, if i can save my settings

There was a Launch Pad, but enough users complained about it that they took it away. I have CPF v also, which I downloaded directly from Comodo’s website (not cnet, etc), no Launch Pad.

There’s no uninstaller for LaunchPad, but you close it from the icon. Then remove from startup - Start/Run/msconfig then go to the Startup tab, uncheck the entry for Comodo Launchpad (may be CLP, or something like that) (make sure there’s also an entry for CPF - Comodo Firewall, which you will leave alone); OK, and reboot. Go to your C:\ drive (assuming it’s where your programs are installed), Program Files\Comodo\ and find the Launch Pad folder (may be within Common, I don’t really remember); click and delete. Reboot.

CPF should have started on its own now (provided there was a separate startup entry for it), and give you an icon in the systray. If not, I’d suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version.

If you have a registry cleaning program (like RegSeeker, ccleaner, etc) I’d run it to clean out the now useless LP entries in the registry, and reboot. Should be good to go at that point.

Hope that helps,


PS: I apologize for step-by-step if you already know all that stuff; I try not to assume someone knows already… :wink: