Application Errors after installing Comodo CIS

Not sure if anyone can help, but I uninstalled both AVG and Avast this weekend to do an install of Comodo Firewall & Antivirus. After installing Comodo, I restarted my computer and after Windows (XP SP3) booted up, I started getting all kinds of Application Error messages that I either had to click “OK” or “Cancel” to get off my screen (the instructions said cancel would do a debug). I tried clicking both (restarted the computer several times), but eventually, the computer would give me a “shutting down in xx seconds” message and would, in fact, shut down. I cannot even get into my control panel to remove the program. I’m relatively comfortable around an operating system, but I’m just a lay-person and have no idea how to fix my computer without doing a complete restore - which I loathe doing because (stupidly) I did not back up the files prior to doing this install and I just completed a rather complicated project I hate to lose. Help!