Application Crash - cfp.exe (

Hi All,

I have been a happy user of Comodo Firewall Pro for quite a few months now, but unfortunately i am now in need of a little help! Ever since the latest Comodo update, the firewall crashes as soon as i login to the PC (i have administrator rights).

Crash Dump Information
Problem Event Name: BEX64
Application Name: cfp.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 48357ead
Fault Module Name: tiptsf.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6001.18000
Fault Module Timestamp: 4791adda
Exception Offset: 0000000000057fb0
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Data: 0000000000000008
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: 00ec
Additional Information 2: 7dd10e24b2121c9b61dc8dbf634152b2
Additional Information 3: f298
Additional Information 4: ba46015060885f7348d95a42d000b4ee

I can only assume that it was something in the latest update that caused this as before this it was working perfectly. I did attempt to fix this problem by un-installing and re-installing the application, but with no luck. However after the application crashes on login I can start the program manually and it won’t have any problems until the next time i restart the computer.

I am running Vista SP1 x64, and have scanned my system with a number of security scanners but everything is clean.

Has anyone else had this problem or, know of a way in which to fix it?


That actually is an older version. Its is now version Try doing a complete uninstall and reinstall. I mean complete. I use Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode. When Comodo says reboot dont and click next on Revo and delete the left over registry and program entries it finds. Then reboot. Use CCleaner registry cleaner and reboot. Install the latest Comodo. (R)

Ok, I’ll give Revo Un-installer a try, and then use CCleaner which i already have installed. However it seems odd that it should be out of date as when I re-installed the program (yesterday) I re-downloaded the latest x64-bit version from the Comodo website. Also what I also don’t understand that is in the about section of the Comodo program it reports that the version I am using is the latest version, and the automatic updater reports that there is no newer version available.

It only seems to be the tiptsf.dll which appears to be out of date. However i shall give this a try and report back to let you know if it is still giving me hassle or whether this has solved it.

Thanks again

What version does it say in “about”?

v3.0.24.368 is what it says in about.

After 4-5 restarts later it appears to be fine now. However i am now wondering whether a program i had recently installed called ‘spyware terminator’ had something to do with the application crashing upon start-up due to the ‘HIPS’ protection method, which may have accidentally prevented the application .dll’s from initializing.

After I un-installed Comodo i removed this application and did another restart and followed that up with another file and registry sweep with CCleaner. All appears to be fine now, except another small niggly problem where the icon doesn’t appear to show on the task bar now, but the firewall is running in task manager which is fine.

The icon now appears ok after yet another restart. Thanks :slight_smile:

Well in your post under subject you wrote version so thats why I told you what I did. Spyware Terminator is bloated useless garbage. Use SuperAntiSpyware and Malware Bytes Anti Malware on demand along with a good av.

Yes, the error dump reported that the application number was indeed ‘’ but in the program about section it reported it as being v3.0.24.368, so quite which version it thought it was I have no idea. But I assumed it was the most up to date after the automatic updater reported that there was no newer version available.

And as you quite rightly say ‘Spyware Terminator’ does not seem very effective and I will carry on using Avast and Comodo for the time being.

Hi a_salted_peanut,

Can you please send a crash dump to Try this guide to get it:;msg136767#msg136767

Hi Yuriy

Unfortunately I can’t reproduce the error as it has now been sorted, but I have a strong feeling that Spyware Terminator was having a negative effect with the application by somehow causing an error in the ‘tiptsf.dll’ file. If it does arise again, then I shall be able to catch the error with Windows Error Reporting now enabled.

I may try and re-create the conditions again using some virtual machine software I have to see if I can track it down.