Application Corrupt Warning.

I have Comodo Firewall, Comodo AntiVirus Beta 2 and Comodo BoClean installed on my PC which I share with my daughter who also has administrator rights on her account. This afternoon I downloaded and installed Comodo Boclean 4.25 to update from version 4.24. I followed the instructions given ie uninstalled 4.24 first. I also as an extra precaution removed Boclean from my application settings on my Comodo Firewall.

After installation and online update I rebooted my PC as advised, to start up BoClean. Everything on my start up list started as it should and I ticked and allowed the boxes which appeared from both H.I.P.S. and Comodo Firewall. I checked that everthing was working as it should on my account, Email, Internet connections etc and then signed out of my account and into my daughters to see that everything was ok there as well.

I signed into my daughters account and the icons for BoClean and CAVS appeared on the start bar as normal. The H.I.P.S. box appeared and just as I was about to click ok on it a warning appeared on my desktop saying “The application is Corrupt”. I then realised that Comodo Firewall had not started. I X’ed the box on the warning and started Comodo Firewall manually which it did no problem. I then checked that everything was working fine as I had done with my own account ,signed out of my daughters account and into my own again. In my own account everything started up as normal including Comodo Firewall I then signed out and repeated the process with my daughters account to find that this time the Firewall also started up normally.

I have checked again since then and everything seems to be working normally now.This is the second time I have had this happen. A similar warning appeared approx 2 weeks ago which I just thought was a one off. My question is this. Is this just a glitch or do I have a problem?.

As added security I have SpyWare Blaster installed and also have AdAware 2007,AVG AntiSpyware, SpyBot S&D and SuperAntiSpyware all kept up to date and used on a regular basis manually.In fact I did a scan with AdAware 2007 yesterday which only found 3 tracking cookies.

I did a search on these forums for this problem prior to writing this but it came up blank. I would appreciate any advise / help offered. Thanks in advance.

Surely someone can offer some advice here chaps !!.

It may be related to multi-user environment (especially w/Fast User Switching). There have been problems reported before, to that effect; for the firewall and (I think) CAVS as well.

FW with that issue typically gives a little bit harsher reaction though, as I recall - like all monitors Off or something. I know it’s been reported to Support, and I believe the development team has commented that they’re aware of it, for v3.

At least one user noted that disabling FUS resolved the conflicts; they just went to the “classic” user switching of W2K wherein the original user is actually logged off…


Thanks for the reply Little Mac. I disabled fast user switching a long time ago when I first started using CFP. My PC works fine and Comodo works fine too. It is just that when you get a warning like that you wonder if something is wrong regardless. I did a scan with AVG Antispyware today and it only found two tracking cookies. You think it has just been a glitch or should I reinstall CFP?.

The only other thing I have noticed is that svchost seems to use the application a lot. Eg at the moment of writing this on the CFP monitor it says for application 63% svchost.exe and 36% Firefox. I am sure this used to be 100% Firefox before. I have disabled Microsoft Update but it doesn’t seem to have helped at all. If I have nothing open then it will say svchost 100%.

by the way excuse the ignorance but what is FUS?.

FUS = Fast User Switching (you know how we all love those initials…)

The % of traffic info given by CFP is just in comparison to all the applications with open connections. So if it’s only svchost communicating, it will be 100% of all applications communicating at that time. Doesn’t mean it’s using 100% of all traffic resources, or anything. Make sense?

You can always use a traffic monitor like cports, tcpview, vision or the like, to see more detail about what is connecting to where. Or for ultimate detail, a packet sniffer like wireshark (formerly ethereal).

You can always uninstall & reinstall CFP if you want; never know, it might help. IF you do so, I advise using SafeMode, reboot, and clean the registry to make sure all references to the FW are gone, so you can get a clean reinstall (again using SafeMode).

Hope that helps,


Yes, thanks a bunch Little Mac. I think I will leave it as it is until version 3 comes out if I can and then reinstall from that point. Is there a tutorial anywhere here or a step to step uninstall / reinstall guide. I’m coming up to my 60th birthday now and not as PC savvy as I’d like to be.

There are some step-by-step guides on here somewhere. I’ll try to locate some and point you in that direction. If I haven’t posted back by mid-afternoon Wednesday (your time) please PM me.


Here’s one I found. It’s situation-specific, but the steps are still valid. I know there are some others that are more detailed. Just gotta find 'em.;msg65464#msg65464

Thank you Little Mac, you’re a top man.

This is the one I was looking for, I think. Very similar but slightly different (mentions disabling other security applications). If you do the actual uninstall and reinstall in SafeMode, that’s probably the best bet.,6006.msg44576.html#msg44576