Application control rule problem


I have version installed and at some point a popup appeared telling me that winword.exe wanted to modify something with firefox - not too sure about the exact details or what it even meant suffice to say i think i accidentally clicked deny. Now I cannot access the net without disabling the application control rules tab. A few high security events were logged around the time of this which i don’t think were serious as the pc is connected to a well configured router. I cannot find winword.exe on the application list and nothing is listed as denied in the application list or the component monitor list. Please help as i’m running on a partially secured firewall.
Is it possible to delete everything in the app list and component list and start from scratch again??

many thanks,


Yes you can delete all application and component rules. And then you need to set component monitor to learning mode. But it is better to see your logs so that we understand what is going on.