Application connection blocked after uninstalling Comodo?

Hi all,

I installed Comodo to play around with and used it to block connections to a server by a particular application. I blocked it based on destination IP address. That worked fine and it was showing up in the logs as being blocked.

However, I then uninstalled Comodo (it uninstalled fine) and since then the application cannot connect to the server. I see in netstat -a that the application is stuck at SYN_SENT status to the IP address.

I tried reinstalling Comodo and recreating the rule, then changing it to an “allow” rule but that didn’t work, the connection is still blocked but this time Comodo isn’t logging the blocking.

Googling turned up suggestions like release and renew the IP, disable/enable the NIC, reset the winsock stack… I’ve tried all those but no joy.

Has anyone seen this before? Any suggestions? I’m at my wits end…


Just out of interest, is it just a problem with a single application, can you, for example, ping the server or map a drive?

If it is a problem related to CIS you could try Completely re-installing CIS or at least, running through the uninstall part.

It’s a single application and a single IP address. If I point the application at the DR server, it can connect fine (the DR server connection wasn’t blocked in Comodo). I can ping the IP address that I’m having issues with. Other users on other PCs can connect to that IP address with that application. I can’t connect under any user id on that PC.

Normal internet works, drive mappings work, pinging the server IP works. The only thing (so far as I’ve seen) that doesn’t work is this one application connecting to that one IP address.

I’ll try the uninstall steps tomorrow (am in Asia so right now it’s quittin’ time!) but any other suggestions in the meantime are welcome!

What’s the OS your running?

If it’s a Vista/Win7 try to verify if the network adapter still holds the “Comodo Internet Security Firewall driver” service.
If so please detach it from the NIC and see if that resolves the issue.

It’s Windows XP…

I did notice some registry entries something along the lines of “Legacy… Comodo firewall driver…” could be causing the issue maybe? I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the forced uninstall!

Unlikely, but anything is possible. You’ll probably find those entries difficult to remove without taking ownership and changing permissions. Are you running any additional security software?