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I have COMODO firewall to 2 computers. And both have the same problem with COMODO blocking programs. This includes AVG anti-virus, Spy Sweeper, Outlook, Exlporer, Windows updates, and various other programs I allow to access the internet. All of these have had the pop-up requesting I allow them to access, and every time I select “Always Allow” and “OK”. It will work fine for a couple of days maybe a week, do it all over again. I have had it installed since Feb. 07 on both. I had prior to COMODO McAfee (Comcast 3 months) and Freedom (2 years with Adelphia) but it went away after about a month for the allowed programs. The Freedom was changed due to Comcast purchaing Adelphia and McAfee due to the bloated Security Suite) Can you help otherwise I will have to change product. I can install the McAfee firewall only, but would stay with your product.

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I hope I’m interpreting your issue here correctly: you’ve allowed the Application Monitor rule on your programs to grant outgoing access and even enabled the remember option, but every once in a while the pop-ups return?

I wonder if this may be relevant:
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If you want to be sure you can upload some screenshots of the alerts and/or your AppMon rules. An edited sample of your log during the events may also be helpful.

The link to a post is about correct with the 1st jpg. The application is trying to connect, although not always invisible. And I have it truct the application and always remember, however it will only remember for about a week, then you do it all over again. Even application I have that needs updates I get the blocking, and every time a always allow and remember. This also goes for my HP laptop and HP updates.

Please post screenshots of the alerts and your Application Monitor rules (maximized).

After weeks of trying, I have given up. I have removed the firewall from one computer of the two COMODO was installed. The other firewall (which will remain nameless unless you ask) appears to remember the applications I have allowed. After 2 weeks, no requirements to allow programs IE7, Outlook, Windows updates, AVG, Morzilla, and Adobie. I do believe that COMODO is a very good product, but I expect somethings to run without my constant attention.

It doesn’t have to require constant attention. Sorry to see you have given up, because we volunteer helpers have not given up on your issue if you’re willing to stick around. Although there have been many reported cases of your issue, they’ve pretty much been resolved with some explanations from users in this forum. I’ve yet to see two consecutive alerts on the same program with the exact message word-for-word in v2.4. Given the fact that you did not provide further information such as screenshots on your Application rules and log, we don’t know what happened since June 18, 2007 until now…

Common possibilities include your Alert Frequency Level has been set above the default Low to something like High or Very High. This sets CFP to alert on the same program try to connect to the internet based on port and IP addresses, so there’s no surprise that you’ll get lots of alerts.

I can list other possibilities, but I believe the link above says it all.