Application Blocking not working


Has anyone checked if the v3 firewall is capable of preventing applications from accesing the internet?

I have played around with the settings, as I wasn’t being asked if a program should be allowed access. I tried using the ‘Define a New Blocked Application’ to stop Firefox from accessing any web pages, and the rule is still supposedly running, even though I have posted this. I included rules to block all TCP/UDP requests and another to stop all IP requests, and have moved the rule to the top of the list in ‘Network Security Policy’ and to the bottom. I have set all the ‘Process Access Rights’ to Ask in the ‘Computer Security Policy’, just in case it made a difference, but still the same.

Any ideas?

EDIT: I am running ESET NOD32 AntiVirus v3. It looks as though all internet traffic is being sent through ‘ekrn.exe’, which has trusted access. Not sure if this is an AV problem or firewall.

Had the same situation & the only way that I’ve found to block Firefox was to :-

Remove Firefox entries from Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy & Defense+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy & click apply in both cases.

Set Defense+/Advanced/Defense+ Settings to Paranoid Mode, click apply.

Click on Firefox icon in Quick Launch toolbar and block all requests to start Firefox, return Paranoid Mode to original settings, click apply.

Not a very conventional method but the only sure method to block an application.

Any alternative suggestions would be appreciated.