Application behaviour monitor :-(

How can one use this for real. I keep getting warnings ALL the time about programs either sending “messages” to each other, or “using COM inteface to each other” or “modifying memory”.

And all are “good” applications: Internet Exporer, Forte Agent, Firefox, Trillian.

With all these false alarms I wouldn’t notice a real threath :frowning:

Isn’t there a way to tell that some applications are allowed to do that?
(just as with the in/out traffic) to prevent “alerts” on “good” applications?

You should “scan for known applications” in security/tasks.
You can also “define a new trusted app”
Component monitor on learning.
Go to security/advanced/misc and see if “do not show any alerts for apps certified by Comodo” is checked.
Alert frequency level on low.

Even if Firefox is a trusted app, you will get pop ups for it. Let’s say that you click a link in Outlook, then you get a pop up that Outlook is trying to use Firefox to get out on the net. It’s for your security it ask questions. The pop ups will get less annoying after a while. Just check the remember box when you get a pop up.

Problem seems to be that it doesn’t remember. I click “remember” and “allow”.
But the same messages about application behaviour comes over and over :frowning:

that has happened to me as well when the component monitor was “on”, and not in learn mode. Curiously cpf seems to be unable to rememer anything when learn mode is off, and component monitor is just “on”. It keeps telling me for example, again and again and again that Firefox is trying to load unknown or suspicious components. Eventhough I allowed them to load and checked the “remember” box, it kept asking. I solved the problem by just leaving the learn mode on. But, sorry, this is not a fix. Like granting full access to an app just because cpf cannot control or detect it properly is not a fix either. But that’s another issue…

Firefox and the other internet applications suddenly lost contact with the net here.
A look at the log showed that they for some reason had hot locked out.
Had to disable the application behaviour monitor completly to get back online :frowning:

When you are getting attacked, CPF locks the connection to protect you.

But I didn’t, it said that the applications has done something wrong.
Nothing with communication, but other application behaviour :-/